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Field Fresh Farm is committed to providing our customers with the freshest, locally grown and harvested produce at competitive prices. Our food is not only fresher and tastes better, but by buying locally you are supporting the local economy and reducing the amount of energy used in transportation.


We invite you to visit us and discover a new way to buy produce.


The farm is located at 2472 Rt 307 E Jefferson, Oh.

About Us

Our Produce


Field Fresh Farm is a small-acreage family-business farm located just a short drive from Jefferson. We grow a high quality of seasonal vegetables using sustainable agriculture practices.We employ and mentor local youth to plant the garden, manage the process and to harvest what we have grown.


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Field Fresh Farm has become a local center for a wide variety of produce and now offers CSA opportunities. By becoming a CSA member you will be guaranteed to receive weekly beneifits of locally grown produce. Get 18 weeks of fresh produce for 530.00.


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